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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

And it became a kimono dress.

The little dress is completed.It's a kimono style dress with ruffles on the edges all around the dress.The pattern is my own.Which might explain why it does not fit my baby like it's supposed to.i used a pattern that i had drafted on my own.Maybe it was one that i was supposed to have discarded while i was experimenting with them.This does not happen often.So i,m cutting myself some slack.
But it's completed nevertheless and I'm quite happy how it turned out.However,the butterfly has still not been completed due to me not being able to make up my mind about it's color,still.

I used a bit of vintage lace on the neckline.i wanted to use it near the ruffles on the hemline.But decided against it as it just might be a little too much.

I think I'm gonna make it again,and this time,my baby should be able to wear it.I labeled the small pattern as i should've done before.it wont be that difficult to scale it up a bit to fit my girl.

I'm linking here!

Friday, November 26, 2010

So help me paint the butterfly!

This is going to be a dress for baby Angelittle.She's outgrown most of her clothes,and momma has been too busy sewing for other people.so,the poor little thing cruises around the whole house in her diapers.She doesn't seem to mind,but it breaks momma's heart nevertheless.True story.

I worked on this all evening.this being such a simple piece,it's not quick as i would've finished it if i could sit in one place for a few minutes.With a baby who's gonna catch up with the speed of light if she doesn't slow down in a couple of weeks,i consider this is awryt.
The pattern is courtesy of french knots.com.They have awesome stuff!

I could not decide which colors i wanted to use for the butterfly.I asked hubby,he doesnt have a clue,i asked Angelittle,she almost ate the butterfly.
So all the people who live with me counted out,i need some help!

So help me paint the butterfly!
what colors do you think i should stitch the butterfly with?

The fabric is a soft bubblegum-ish pink linen.in case you were wondering.i know that it doesnt look so,but it is.
Sorry about the lousy picture.it was taken indoors at night,and it was darker tonight than normal..tonight its cloudy and rainy! ;-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

alphabet mini quilt

inspired by this one from orange flower patterns,i made one too.
Isnt it so so neat and precise?She knew what she was doing.

me,not so much.tsk tsk.
it was made a made a while back.
this was my first mini quilt ever.i've made three others after that,one which i blogged about before.(gimme some time and i'll come back with the other ones too!)
If it looks a bit lame,that would be because it was my first attempt at making any size a quilt,and binding,and because the photo and lighting is lame,and because in general,im pretty lame too. :o)
So please pardon the way its hung there because i will maybe fix it.Someday.Maybe.

And i just realised...
This is my first time posting any embroidery that i had done!
come on,say yayy for me!

Working on another piece of embroidery for a wall hanging.
lets see how long it takes for me to blog about it.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

ruffled skirt dress

i had trouble with this one.i didn't want there to be seams on the side of the ruffle skirt,and believe me it wasn't easy.the top was a pattern drafted on my own.i think i have more thinking to do on the continuous ruffle all around.i haven't quite figured it out yet.do you get what i'm talking about?,do you?the front and the back of the skirt if they were separate and were joined later to complete the skirt,the sides of the skirt where the both sides are joined,there,the ruffle would be sewed down into the seam.i wanted to make it in a way that the skirt would be like an A line skirt,you know,wider at the bottom,and with no ruffles sewn into the side seams.
i did it sort of,but i had quite some trouble which i had to mend after it was complete.if you peeked under the ruffles,you would see the painstaking work i had done.Good thing you see no evidence of unprofessional-ism from the outside.:0)

the bodice is lined with some linen.(Oh don't you just love linen?)It gives body and colour to the otherwise flat thin cotton that i had used for the dress.because of the lininf,no top stitching was done on the outside of the arm holes or the neckline,which gives it a pro look.
plus,i hid the seams from the inside too,so that my baby would not feel any seams poking her from the inside.

Its buttoned from the back and a tie for a better fit,as it was a bit too wide for Angelittle around the waist.i love how how the button placket is of the linen fabric that i used for lining!

And then just because i have to make and put a flower on everything that i make,i made a rolled rose and sewed it on.and also hot glued it some more to ensure that it would not unravel.i might have got carried away and over done it there. :-)

i love the result.

Tell me what you think too!

Oh and if there's any ''i wonder what how whys'' going on about any of the not too easy to understand language that i just used,let me know.i would be happy to confuse you a bit more.ahem,try to clear it up for ya i meant. ;o)

And im partying over here today!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Healthier banana bread

I like bananas.I especially like them when they are over ripe.so when i get a bunch of bananas,i let them sit around till they get sick of sitting on my counter and decide to join forces with the garbage bin.Almost.that's when i want to eat them,except that i can't eat all of them before they give up on me and just go bad.So to use them up,i make banana bread.See,it's totally out of necessity. ;-)

OK,I actually do that just so that i can make banana bread.

I had this perfect recipe which turns out great every time.well,it was perfect except for the part where it uses butter and i love the flavor yes,but it just does not feel right.(seeing as i have a dozen kilo's to loose.)

until today,I've been scared to tweak my recipe because my changes might not turn out well and ruin my oh so loved banana bread.I can't,not don't,can't usually follow a recipe too well without making my own playing with it.But i have a phobia of changing,tweaking or compromising when it comes to baking.you know,like breads and cakes.i follow my usual baking recipes exactly to the last letter.if you know me,you would know how strange that is for me.)But today i just went ahead and did it anyway.
And you know what,it turned out just as awesome as my old recipe,if not more.:-)

oh yes you need this recipe.

Healthier banana bread recipe

3/4 cups sugar
1 1/2 cup mashed bananas(like 3 bananas,i had very small ones so used 7)
3/4 cups oil

2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt
A handful of nuts or dried fruit,i like raisins in mine(optional)

1.preheat oven to 180'C. (350'F)

2.in a large bowl,mix oil,sugar and eggs.mix in the mashed bananas.

3.in another bowl,sift flour,mix with with it the baking powder,baking soda and the salt.

4.add dry ingredients to wet ingredients and mix just until combined.Oh and add vanilla before you forget it.don't over do it!You should have a thick and just oh so beautiful looking batter.

5.pour into greased loaf pan and bake for an hour or until a knife put into it comes out clean.

6.enjoy it warm..or cold!

***I thought i might as well add some cocoa while i was feeling brave and playing tweakerdoo.which i did.
i did not measure,i just added cocoa until i was happy with the chocolate color of the batter.
And it turned out really,really good.it tastes heavenly with chocolate ice cream.
ehem,i'm just saying.

Now go make some banana bread.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010