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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleepy beauty-ness..

hows ya all?

me?why,thanks for asking,im..just great!

Finally the nausea and hate for all things edible is receding..slowly..
I was beginning to think that it never would!

finally,i am growing biiiii-iiiig,Masha Allaah.This time its real i tell ya,it's not my imagination.(my hubbs told me so.)

and it does not help with my sleepy beauty-ness.

No one ever told told me how bad it would be!

i cant stand too long,cuz my back hurts,my feet aches..

i cant lie down to rest comfortably because when i lie on my back,i cant breath,
when on my sides,my hip bones ache like nothing I've ever experienced before,
and obviously,lying on my belly is off limits.So is a good night's sleep.:-(

I decided that if it really troubled every pregnant woman,someone would have told me.
after all,one can tolerate sleep deprivation only so much..
specially when one is pregnant,
counting all the fatigue,and the others that come with the package..lol..

so I've been reading a bit about difficulty to sleep during these days..
and it happens to be that most of us really do go through this..
how come no one talks about it?

only later i found out that it all cancels out and you forget it once you hold your little angel..

sigh.......**dreamy smile**

Ahem.back to..where were we?
maternity pillows seems to be a good solution for the sleep problem.

looky here!

don't you just wanna go to sleep?

As we have to if order it online,and have no idea what would work best as there are at least a dozen types of pillows designed specially for pregnancy.

Anyone any advice?Tips?
About these pillows or anything for the sleep problem?

And I've seriously started thinking about beginning to make some baby stuff.I'm hoping to start as soon as i start feeling s'more strength to keep me up and running.:-)

meanwhile,i'll be in bed snuggling with a book of chicken soup for the soul,with half a dozen pillows and cushions,ignoring my aching hips.

....hips?what hips?....
(yep,im totally denying that i even have hips.Clever huh?**grin**)


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A cup of tea,please?

More like half a dozen please?
I haven't really been much of a tea lover,well lets say,ever.But the past week,I bought two packages of tea,chamomile,and peppermint.I was looking for cinnamon tea,which i hadn't had a lot,but over the few times that i had,it had become my first choice for tea.And it has amazing benefits too.
No cinnamon tea i found that night,so i settled for chamomile and peppermint,of which's amazing benefits i had also read,and thus, was born my tea loving tea-self.

And you know what,i had totally forgotten that i was pregnant and that it complicates everything.

I came home and googled and read about consuming tea during pregnancy.Everything i found was contradicting each other.one says its ok in moderation,others say no NO,YOU CANT EVEN LOOK AT TEA,or else it's going to become a two headed monster or something.
(Ok,it didnt say that exactly,but they might as well have!
it seems that herbs arent really tested stuff so its not really safe during pregnancy..not because it has done something but more because they arent sure wether it may do something.for instance it's been said that as chamomile has relaxing properties it relaxes the uterus and MAY trigger early contractions.not good during early pregnancy!But chamomile relaxes body and mind,soothes tired and sore muscles,helps sleep well at night,even cure colicy babies,and help ease the discomforts of PMS.So if you are NOT pregnant, you should definitly go for it!)

Imagine my disappointment..the only thing that i actually wanted to go inside my throat willingly after so long,and i couldn't have it!:-(
so i talked to my sister about it and she also was of the opinion that moderation was the answer.she also talked to a friend of hers who is a doctor,and she said that teas even some herbal,has a substance tannin.which theoretically,interferes with the body's iron absorption.She said that she drank coffee(which has tannin and caffeine too),all throughout her pregnancy but Masha allaah she and her baby are both fine.So no tea not a lot definitely,but an occasional cup,once a day,must be OK.not close to meal times definitely.

And hubby bought me cinnamon tea today!
It's been v rainy and very cold the whole day and it was totally out of this world enjoying a hot cup of delicious cinnamon tea!
Thank you sweetheart!:-)

Go have some tea,and enjoy it!
(And please let me know that you did,lol!)

lotsa lotsa love,

Monday, July 6, 2009

missed me?

i tell ya,i sure did miss ya!
It's been way over a month since i posted last,right?
no,i wasn't erased from the face of earth..only stuck away as far as the blogsphere is concerned..
Thank you so much for being concerned and nice enough sweethearts to check on me!
believe me,you made a girl real happy!
this happy actually.:-)
I'm am alhamdulillaah past my third month and into my fourth and counting.Last month was a nightmare every single day of it lol..The pregnancy gift package bonuses hit me hard at full power..i got each and every bit of the lovely bonuses!
every smell made me sick,so sick of every smell and scent i was that hubby even stopped wearing perfume(my poor poor beloved!),
and i held my breath and was breathing through my mouth all the time.Ahem,not so cute,but i hadn't any other option.
every food was way beyond disgusting that i have to make up a word to describe it,
and i was tired,hungry and always starving,as my poor body couldn't keep anything inside for more than a mere second from eating it.and there was hardly anything that i liked or wanted to eat!
I even lost weight,but fortunately as i am not exactly (ahem,)under weight,it doesn't seem to be a problem as far my gynecologist is concerned.
my poor hubby..he has been so worried sick about me!
But hamdulillaah over and over again I'm feeling better..fatigue and little bit of nausea still there,but back pain always there now almost always, with my belly growing.
though more fatigue and sleepless nights are to be expected,i feel so much better and am so happy that the morning sickness is finally going away.my sense of smell is quite bearable too,and i can breath with my nose more often.
And since ive begun feeling better,ive been able to keep my eyes open for longer periods of time.Which resulted in quite a bit of sewing!
I've managed to whip up an awesome (even if i say so myself,lol :-p)shirt for hubby,a little baby dress for Sara and experimented with my sewing machine's various functions I've been too busy to explore before.
I hope to keep in touch more often,now that i am feeling a lot better Masha Allaah..