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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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I'm Ummu Noora,a.k.a Angeliquez, a stay at home wife to one really amazing man, momma to Noora,The Angelittle. I wife,cook,bake,craft and love ruffles,the color pink and creativity in it's various forms, not necessarily in the order.This is where I'm writing what I'm upto while I'm trying to ignore my laundry. welcome,to my corner of the universe.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a boy!

My mom delivered a beautiful healthy boy early this morning.:-)mommy said that it was yet her hardest delivery yet.Thank God,the hardest part is over.I was with her all morning and most afternoon.My cold has got better,as in i got worse.I've developed a cough now.I'm exhausted and falling asleep right now.Lack of sleep.It was so late when i had hit the sack last night.And i was up with the sun.But i had to give you updates.
I must admit that i was kinda freaked out that it might be a girl.Being my mom's only daughter,I have four brothers.(Now five!:-))I guess it was because i dont have a little sister..i was thinking like i wouldn't know how to be a sister to a girl..because i have a lifetime of experience with being a sister to brothers..confusing right?Yeah,i thought so too.Funny though..:-)

Be back with more soon..After i get some shut eye.I soooo don't want any,but all of my body is against what i want.So it's not like i have a choice.:-)

Love from,

Monday, March 30, 2009

What's been going on..

My mommy has been admitted in the hospital this morning.Has not delivered yet,and i am worried about her. The doctor's have said that the baby was quite big.Which might supposedly make delivery a bit more difficult.They are keeping a good eye on her.Still,i am worried..And i am going to her first thing in the morning.Daddy is there with her tonight.

I have not been doing much sewing.I made two baby blankets.you know,the ones with the sweet little hoodie part?I could'nt take any pictures as my camera is down with some kinda flu.I think.:-)No wonder,i have been fighting a tough cold and fever for three days now.My camera must have caught it from me.no,wait..i think i caught it from my camera.LOL.

I have some pics from some time ago.random stuff.I know how much i drool over pictures from beautiful places out there.So even if it has nothing to do with anything what so ever,I'll still post some of my pics here.Totally random stuff.This here is of a little sketch,one i had drawn one a corner of a page of my recipe book.With lotsa scribbles all around it,But i thought i would spare you the the mind boggling beauty of my scribbling.LOL;-)
This here is the clock in our bedroom.The wall was looking too bare for me to handle,so i cut out petals from sticker paper and made a little something to make it look a bit more not so boring.we were thrilled with the results.

One of the best pictures i ever took.It was snapped with my phone one evening.Was with my sister while the sun was setting.But somehow this picture turned out to look nothing like it should at the time it was taken.I mean sunset is orange,red.not blue.right?even so,I Love this shot!:-)

I keep getting hungry.With my stuffy nose,watery eyes,sore throat and aching body.Some how this cold seems to have made my appetite biiiiiiiiig.I dont know why,but i become some what a stress eater every time when something changes.Let it be my mood from normal to some thing greater or worse..Or my health.Or anything else for that matter.Any changes in anything and i instantly start craving something edible!

Talk about issues huh?:-)
It's 2.30 in the morning.And i am still wide awake.So that i can feel sleepy all day tomorow.like it will do me a lot of good.:-)
hope to come back soon with some good news about mommy..And hopefully some sewing!

till next time,
lotsa love

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a girl!

My sister gave birth to a beautiful BEAUTIFUL baby girl this afternoon!:-)
Isn't that wonderful?And my mom is having a surprise later in life too.She is due in the beginning of april.April 2nd is the date given,to be exact.AND I HAVE TO I HAVE TO MAKE SOME BABY STUFF FOR THE NEW BABIES!
I have'nt much experience in making baby stuff.But i will give it a try i have to.Any ideas?

I havent been doing much lately.All i have been doing is making a lot of pizza.And eating them ofcourse,for all the meals of the day.(hubby even called me pizza girl.how cute is that?:-))Really.I really cant get crazier ,can i?(Though i am surely sure that i will find a way to top that somehow,soon.LOL)
Not done any hexing lately.No sewing either.What have i been doing?

Anyway,I have lots of sewing plans.For the babies.Any ideas any help would be truly appreciated.

It's 10.00 pm and i am craving pizza.Again.Can you believe that?


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My pizza recipe.And other stuff.

I can't quite figure out why,but all i've been doing lately seems to be dreaming of cooking.Not much progress with the flower blocks for my quilt,or any other sewing.And not much cooking either.Just thinking about cooking.Just thinking.But I'm going to go work berserk soon.I just know.;-)

Last Friday i made a lot of experimenting with my oven.I made a heck lot of pizzas.(And i have got it quite nice how to to make a great pizza in the microwave.)

My pizza recipe

  • 250 gm(approx. 2 1/2 cups)All purpose flour
  • 1 tsp instant yeast(dry yeast is ok too,but you should dissolve it in luke warm water before adding.I've had some trouble with it,so i always prefer instant yeast)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp butter/margarine
  • a pinch of salt(you can omit this too)
  • luke warm water

First sift floour into a big bowl,add all dry ingredients into it and mix.Add butter or margerine,and mix it too.yes,with the flour,no,no water yet.When you have mixed it all nicely,add water and knead the dough.seperate the dough into two balls.Cover with plastic wrap and keep in a warm place for it to work its magic.:-).Leave for like 20-30 mins.No peeking or peeping till its time!(If you wont be using both balls,you can store one in the refrigerator or freezer for quite some time,depending on how long you want to keep it.)

Is it time yet?If you are absolutely sure so,take the dough and punch it a bit to break the bubbles inside.Nicely roll out or you can just flaten it with your hands on a dish.

Take it carefully and put on a grill rack.spread a little olive oil on the dough so that that sauce will not soak the pizza.Add your favourite pizza sauce and toppings,grate some cheese,and put into oven.I made it in 45% grill 55% microwave on high power,for 8 minutes.

Grill on 85%grill power for 5 more minutes afterwards.that browns the toppings nicely.I guess it depends if you want to do it or not.

Its done!

In a convection oven,it takes about 25 minutes.It takes longer in a convection oven,but you can get crispier pizza if thats how you prefer it.(I love it soft,so the microwave version works for me great.)And you dont have to use a grill rack if you are using a convection oven.

You should try this recipe.I have been using this pizza recipe for as long as i have been cooking.ahem,not a looooooooooooong time,but the last five years of my life.It has never failed me,its always perfect.And it tastes way better home made.next time you want pizza,don't bother to take out or order,but just try and make this one.I promise you,you will not regret.I would love to hear from you how you liked it if you ever tried it!:-)


It works well even though you don't grill it.100% microwave cooked works just as fine too..confirms my various experiments.So even if your microwave doesn't have grill mode like mine,Its still fine too.(Though i don't know how it will turn out if you use a plate.or any other dish for that matter..because i have always used the grilling rack only.)

(Thanks Drew for pointing that out!)

And to post a pic of what i sewed last.
I couldnt get a better shot of this dress.i tried many many times,but this is the best that i got.I know,it's almost blinding right?I sure can't look at it too much!(just ignore my babbling and my photos if it's becoming too much.:-) )

I have a loads of sewing to do.But i am not having much progress on any of it.And i am having lots of progress ignoring how much work i have to do.
tata for now.
Be back soon.Hopefully with somethimg intersting.Or not.(as in some more babbling.LOL:-))


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my first attempt at making a pie.

one with a shell i mean.

I love cooking.I love baking.I love experimenting with all sorts of recipes and play with food and make stuff just like i play with everything else.:-)And i am so lucky to have my own food critic who doesnt have except good things to say about my food! LOL:-)And he believes in me and helps me when ever i need any help,supports me when i am feel like i am not sure of what i am doing,and gives me a nudge in those moments when i need someone to show me that i can take some chances and still win,and always,always is there with me when i try a something new,to enjoy it together..and ofcourse,when ever i need him..:-)(i love you sweetheart!)
And he just got me an oven!I've wanted one so much for sometime,and my hubby got one for me!
I am soo happy.it's a microwave,and i forgot to check wether it had convection mode.And when i remembered,it was all too late.It did not have convection mode.It has grill,microwave and combination of them both as cooking functions,and i am determined to make do with it for everything that I could possibly want a convection oven for.So far,ive done a few experiments,and all have turned out pretty well so far.and it makes everything so quick.So i am really happy about my new oven.i love it,and have no problem with it,watsoever.LOL:-)
thankyou you sweetheart for the great gift..i lovvvvvvvve you!:-)
yesterday i gave some thinkng to how i could make a pie in the microwave.i would make the crust and microwave it first on its own,and add the filling later.And i tripped over and fell face down while i was running all over the internet,of all things,it was this recipe of how to make a pie shell in a microwave.Can you believe that?I was smiles all day long.:-)I book marked the place,and also wrote it down in my recipe book!!!!!i fell asleep wanting to wake up and give it a try first thing in the morning.And thats exactly what i did!I had to make it in time for breakfast,so i had to make it really fast.And i made it i totally made it!!

I made a mushroom and sausage filling.the crust was sooo flaky!it was kinda crunchy too.Is that how it's supposed to be?I would love to have any tips or advice if anyone has any!I have no idea how it is supposed to taste like,but we loved it!It was wonderful!

And right after breakfast i knew i had to write about it right away!

Did i mention that i love cooking?


Friday, March 6, 2009

Me,the busy Queen bee.

Aint i quite a busy Queen Bee?if you saw around our place,you would think that i dont do anything except make big sewing and other-stuff-i-do related messes.cute ones though.;-).
Two days ago,i achieved this huge accomplishment.It was a dress that i never thought i could get done in a condition that anyone wuold want to wear.It was one i made for a neighbor,and she had given me the design,how she wanted the dress to look like.And as in my case of inability to say no,i agreed to do it for her!

i worked on this for two days.a whole day i spent trying to figure out how exactly i am going to pull it off.i messed up a couple of times too.like both neck facings were diferent.this is the front.

and here is the back.

i spent hours trying to figure out which side would be which,and in the end,i decided that the less steeper would be the back.Really.
i had a trouble with the fabrics,as the outter part of the dress was lace,and both sides needed to be gathered.i had trouble,to the point that i was almost ready to give up!!!I kept trying anyway,and in the end,i got it done.yay!!!and she likes the dress.and thats all that matters i guess.
i also make this purple dress,for a friend of hers.this one was very simple,so didnt take me more than an hour.i need to put some embellishing on this one yet.

here is my newest cushion cover too.those are yoyos on the red part.Oh don't you just love those sweet little things?

and this is the cute as a button shirt that i made and promised to show you so long ago.its the first time i sewed a girl shirt,but it turned out beautiful.plus,it fits me perfectly.I love it!
the progress on my quilt is alright too.I managed to finish three flower blocks in the past week.i used fabric that i had already used before,so i thought i wouldnt bore you with it again.Am i not thoughtful?;-)
And as for the projects that i am working on now,its a dress for my neighbor's friend,and ofcourse,my precious garden in the rainbow.
Well,thats it for now.
thanx for stopping by!
i'll be back soon:-)