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Monday, September 17, 2012

No Titles Does This Post Deserve.

You know sometimes how it feels like when you are so sorry that you just cannot find the words to apologize and so end up ignoring the whole thing because you feel so guilty?well,thats how i feel about how i have neglected my blog since my vacation.its been 10 months.
things have happened since I've been here toddler has weaned,she has started preschool,making friends of her own,developing a beautiful personality of her very own,my beautiful child masha Allah.last time i was here,i was complaining about all the time she demands from me.Now she sleeps on her own,her tantrums less,negotiating more.

And i started a small cupcake business,which didn't really work out,timing wasn't very good,and i think i eat way too many cupcakes so I've put it on hold.
But it seems i'm baking every other week,a big batch of cupcakes and cookies, or a double layered frosted cake for someone or another :D.

I also started my own Facebook page to display my handmade stuff.Not very sure where its going yet,but i'd like for it to become a small business.
do Like me! :o)

I've also started embroidering and embellishing black abayas.
I've sold about 12 of these embroidered work.This is my latest one.The one i love most yet! :D

if i try uploading pics of all the stuff I've done in the past 10 months,i wont be sleeping tonight.And we can't have that.
Also i'm just way too lazy.I will try to keep you, my dear blog,updated.hows once every six months sound?

I shall be back soon!
(insert the hero disappearing sound here.)


  1. As-salaamu'alaykum sis
    Looks like you've been a busy bee.
    Sorry the cupcake thing didn't work out as planned, but ya know..there is good in everything. Insha'Allah there is something even better out there for you :)

    .... erm.. but eat one for me!!!
    Love Farhana

    1. wsalaam..thanks jazakillah sissy,ur right,everything happens for the best!
      and i will feed some cupcakes to noora for you :D(my waist line cant handle anymore.)